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The road to business school is complex. The MBA Prep Program offers African American, Hispanic and Native American young professionals disciplined, proven guidance for the rigorous business school application process. MLT provides the skills, relationships, advice and roadmap it takes to be successful in business school and beyond.
Over 1,800 MBA Prep Program Alumni already know how MLT will help maximize their long-term leadership potential. See how our rigorous standards and unparalleled reputation can heighten yours. 
•  Application process clarity, including seminars attended by admissions officers from business schools 
•  One-on-one coaching 
•  Unparalleled business school exposure 
•  Skill-building workshops
•  In-depth seminars led by MLT’s corporate partners 
•  Career development
Thank you for your interest in the MLT MBA Prep Program.  The application for MBA Prep 2016 is now available. 

Round 1 Deadline: September 29, 2014

Round 2 Deadline: November 17, 2014

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Note that the MLT MBA Prep 2016 cycle is for individuals who wish to enter business school in Fall 2016.  If you have additional questions about the application process, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).




Eligibility Requirements

Under-Represented Minorities: All applicants must identify as African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, and/or Native American.

Achievement: To be considered, applicants must have solid academic standing and a bachelor's degree. Those with a strong undergraduate GPA are encouraged to apply. Applicants must also have demonstrated leadership ability and motivation in their extracurricular activities.

Work Experience: Applicants with at least one year post-undergraduate work experience are preferred.

Commitment: Applicants must be willing to commit significant time and energy to the program, which will last about a year. This includes several hours a week and a few short trips to regional events during weekends.

US Citizenship or US Permanent Residency: MBA Prep is open to US Citizens and US Permanent Residents.

The Selection Process

Due to limited resources and the demanding requirements of our program, admittance to the MBA Prep program is selective. The selection committee will review applications and may also follow up with a telephone interview to determine which applicants best meet the admission criteria. Admissions decisions are typically released within 3 months of the application deadline.

Please review the following checklist carefully before proceeding.  All application materials will be collected through the online application.  Please do not send materials via mail as mailed application materials will not be processed.

  • Completed Application Form: We accept application forms online only; applications submitted via mail will not be reviewed.


To complete the online application all applicants are required to submit a current practice or official GMAT score. Applicants who plan to include a practice GMAT exam offered through an online service or by an organization such as Princeton Review should submit a screen shot of the practice test score.

Please note that all applicants accepted into MBA Prep 2016 must submit an official score of 500 or higher to begin the program.  

For all candidates accepted into MBA Prep 2016, the deadline to submit an official GMAT score of 500 or higher will be January 19 (for Round 1 Candidates) and February 16 (for Round 2 Candidates). If you have not yet taken the official GMAT, it is in your best interest to prepare for and take the exam well in advance of the deadline to submit your official GMAT score.

For this reason, we are offering a GMAT prep webinar series.  We encourage all applicants to take preparing for the GMAT seriously, whether it is through dedicated study or participation in one of numerous GMAT prep provider courses. The purpose of these webinars is to give prospective fellows the opportunity to hear from a number of providers on their approach to tackle the GMAT. MLT does not endorse any one provider over another. However, each of these providers come highly recommended by our fellows and alumni. 

Register for a GMAT Webinar on our events page 

Download 7 Tips to Do Well on the GMAT

Information on the GMAT, including practice tests, can be found at www.mba.com, which is maintained by the Graduate Management Admissions Council.


Below are the essay questions for the MBAP 2016 application.  You will be required to submit your responses within the online application and must adhere to the prescribed word limit.  All essays are required unless otherwise noted.

  1. What are your career goals and how would an MBA help you achieve these goals? (150 word limit)
  2. What developmental need has most frequently been mentioned in your performance reviews?  From whom have you sought guidance to address this need?  What progress have you made?  (150 word limit)
  3. Describe a situation in which you demonstrated "scrappiness" that has benefited you as well as others.  (150 word limit)
  4. Describe your most significant accomplishment and why you view it as such.  (150 word limit)
  5. [Required for Re-Applicants Only]  Please discuss your growth as a candidate since you last applied to the MBA Prep Program.  (150 word limit)
  6. [Optional for All Applicants]  Please let us know if there are any extenuating circumstances you'd like to address, including gaps in work history or low GPA.  (100 word limit)

Video Response Question:

You will also be required to upload a video response to tell us what you are most passionate about and why.  The video must be at least one minute but no longer than two minutes in length.  Make sure to follow this naming convention when uploading your file in the online application: Last Name_First Name_MLT Video.

Other Requirements:

  • Current Professional Resume: Maximum length two pages.
  • Recommendation(s): Please see below.
  • Application Processing Fee: The non-refundable application fee of US$95.00 is paid by credit card with the submission of the online application. Mailed checks are not accepted.

Supporting Materials:

  • One (1) Unofficial Transcript for each college or university attended.  (NOTE: Applicants are required to submit an official transcript upon acceptance into the program, but not at the time of application). Do not submit transcripts from non-degree programs, professional development programs, certificate programs, language programs, or workshops. Transcripts are available from the Registrar's Office at undergraduate institutions. Please scan and upload them to the application. 
  • Copy of GMAT score report: All applicants are required to submit a copy of their GMAT score results, whether practice or official, with their applications.  All official test scores must be dated after Jan 1, 2009 to be considered valid; older test scores may not be accepted.  If you have not yet taken an official exam, you may apply with a practice score by taking a test online and providing a screen shot of the exam with your application.  Practice test scores should be from within the last three months.  Companies such as Princeton Review and Kaplan Test Prep offer free practice tests through their websites.  Applicants accepted into the program must take the official exam and submit a score of 500 or higher in order to begin the program.  Please see the GMAT section below for additional details.
  • Copy of U.S. Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)

These documents must be uploaded to your application in a PDF or MS Word format. Please name the documents in the following style: Last Name_First Name_MLT_GMAT Score.doc.

MLT's system is unable to process scanned documents that are not in PDF or MS Word format. If you do not currently have the technology to convert scanned documents into PDF, there are a number of free PDF converter programs online including Primo PDF, Cute PDF, PDF955.


All candidates must submit a recommendation in support of their MBA Prep application. While obtaining a recommendation from a current employer is ideal, MLT understands that it may not be feasible to make such a request. Other appropriate recommenders include former employers, college professors, and community leaders. The individual writing the letter should address the candidate's work ethic, leadership potential, ambition and extra efforts, effectiveness working in teams, and ability to act on constructive feedback. The recommendation is submitted through the online application system.

How to Submit the Recommendation:

Online submission of your recommendation is required. When completing the online application, candidates will be prompted to enter the recommender's information, including e-mail.  The system will generate an e-mail to your recommender with details on how to complete the recommendation.


Your application will not be accepted until your recommender completes his / her submission.