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Career Prep: Overview

Thinking About Your First Fast-Track Job?

If you are currently a sophomore in college, have strong grades and leadership experience, you should consider Career Prep.  Career Prep provides participating undergraduates, Fellows, with the skills and roadmap they need to get on the career fast-track after college.

Why Participate In Career Prep? 

One-on-one career coaching: MLT Coaches, all of whom have extensive industry experience, help Career Prep Fellows build their career roadmap based on their passions, strengths, and industry interests. Through monthly discussions and assignments, coaches help their Fellows to develop the skills and relationships they need to become outstanding for their target careers and prepare them to be successful in the recruiting process.  

Exposure and access to prestigious employers: MLT Fellows get unique access to the best hiring organizations in sports and entertainment, non-profit, financial services, consulting, high-tech, health care, energy, and consumer goods—all seeking to recruit Fellows for internships and full-time jobs.

Skill development and seminars: Fellows participate in four seminars that develop the analytical, leadership, communication, and management skills most critical for early career success.  These seminars are designed and fed in conjunction with MLT’s corporate partners, including Goldman Sachs, Google, General Mills, Credit Suisse and Target.

Alumni network: MLT actively connects its Career Prep Fellows and alumni to our passionate community of 2,000 rising leaders who provide advice and open doors to the best opportunities.