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Career Prep: Experience

The Career Prep experience runs from the summer before junior year of college through the beginning of the senior year of college. Fellows will engage in professional training through virtual coaching, in-person seminars, and an internship. Fellows complete at least one coach call via phone and one assignment per month. In general, Fellows commit an hour per week to Career Prep, depending on assignments.

The key elements of the Career Program are: 

Coach Calls take place every month via phone. In preparation for each monthly call, Fellows will spend approximately 5 hours completing curriculum and assignments. Assignments and coach discussion topics include: 

  • Creating a career road map 
  • Choosing an industry of interest 
  • Preparing for interviews 

Seminars take place every three months in different cities. During the seminars, Fellows will network with corporate partners, participate in skill development sessions, and analyze real-world case studies. Seminar content centers on:

  • Developing Fellows’ analytical and communications skills
  • Providing exposure to industries and corporate partners

Internships are 8- to 10-week paid internships that take place during the summer after the junior year. Fellows choose what companies with which they want to interview. Internships focus on: 

  • Developing industry specific skills 
  • Building professional networks 
  • Expanding work experience 

Alumni are working at the top firms all over the country. They offer support to current Fellows' career paths.  In turn, Fellows are expected to support future Career Prep Fellows on their journeys.  MLT alumni have successfully navigated the interview process and first few years of employment. They understand the corporate culture and characteristics recruiters are looking for during the interview process. With the support of MLT alumni already working at the companies students want to work for, MLT Fellows are better informed and, thus, better prepared to prove themselves in interviews and on the job.

Job Search Support MLT has strong relationships with the human resource departments and diversity arms of all of our corporate partners. We have the inside scoop on what it takes to succeed during the interview process with all of our corporate partners. Our corporate partners provide input into MLT's curriculum and host events and webinars to give students the edge.