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Application Deadlines

First Round Deadline: February 9, 2015
Final Round Deadline: March 16, 2015


Eligibility Requirements

  1. U.S citizenship or permanent legal residence
  2. Applicants must be Black/ African American, Hispanic/ Latino(a), or Native American (if you represent more than one ethnicity, one of them must be Black/ African American, Hispanic/ Latino(a), or Native American)
  3. College graduation in Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017
  4. Professional goals that align with Career Prep’s programming
  5. Ability to do monthly assignments and attend all in-person seminars

Application Requirements

The Career Prep 2016 application requirements are listed below. All application materials will be collected through the online application. Please do not send materials via mail or email. Offline application materials will not be accepted.

Application Form
  • Demographic information
  • SAT and/ or ACT score(s)
  • Extracurricular activities (including a description of impact)
  • Honors and/ or awards
  • Career and industry interest(s)
We want you to have sufficient time to develop your essay responses.  We have reduced the word limits for these questions because we are looking for concise, yet clear and complete responses.  We recommend that you take the essay drafting and editing process seriously.
Career Goals
Briefly describe your career aspirations (site industry of greatest interest, type of work you hope to pursue, and MLT partners you're most interested in).  Why do you think acceptance into the Career Prep will help you realize your career goals and what do you expect to gain? (225 Word Limit)
Leadership Potential
MLT is committed to developing the next generation of senior leaders in key sectors of our economy.  Provide an example of how you demonstrated leadership qualities that were key to achieving a successful outcome.  Please note a specific barrier you may have encountered, your action(s) and the outcome achieved.  (225 word limit)
Time Commitment
Career Prep requires a significant amount of time and energy between July 2015 and December 2016.  Participation in the Career Prep (CP) program includes four required weekend seminars (listed below), an average of 6 hrs/month of career development assignments, and 1 hr/month for a one-on-one coach call. 

Fall Semester: (1) Kick-Off Seminar in mid-September; (2) Interview and Analytical Skills Seminar in late-November 
Spring Semester and Summer: (3) Pre-Internship Seminar in mid-April; (4) Closing Seminar in mid-August
Considering your current commitments (i.e. classes, athletic events, study abroad, school conferences, work, travel plans, etc.) and the time required for CP, what will you do differently to ensure the program is a priority over the 18 month fellowship?  If you foresee a challenge with the commitment, please share your schedule conflicts and why MLT should still admit you to the program. (150 word limit)
Video Response Question
What unique qualities or capabilities will you bring to Career Prep and how will they benefit the CP Class?
The goal of the Video Response Question is to hear your answer to the question and see your presentation skills.  You will have only 1-2 minutes so take some time to gather your thoughts and practice your answer before you start to record your video.
  • No formal editing is expected or required.  A simple video taken on your computer, cell phone or tablet is fine.  If you use a cell phone or tablet please record your video in landscape.
  • Video should be 1 minute (two minutes max)
  • You should physically appear on the video when answering the question.  No group images, please.
MLT asks that you provide 1-2 recommendations.  One recommendation is required; a second recommendation is optional.  
We suggest that you think about who can provide the best recommendation.  Possible recommenders include current supervisors, former supervisors, college professors, student club advisors, and community leaders.  
It is helpful to provide your recommender with background information about MLT, Career Prep, and why you want to participate in this program.  Instead of a formal letter of recommendation we ask that recommenders answer a few short answer questions and complete a ranking grid.  Please remember, it is important to give your recommender sufficient time to complete your recommendation.  
You are required to submit a current resume (no longer than 1 page) that includes your professional and extracurricular activates.
Unofficial Transcript
An unofficial transcript is required.  Please begin the process to obtain your unofficial transcript as soon as you decide to apply.

The Selection Process

Due to limited resources and the demanding requirements of our program, admittance to the Career Prep program is selective. 
The selection committee is looking for individuals who demonstrate excellence in the following three areas:
  • Academic Achievement: To be considered, students must have solid academic standing. Those with a 3.0 GPA or greater are strongly encouraged to apply. If admitted, applicants must submit an official transcript.
  • Leadership: Applicants should demonstrate leadership experience and potential.
  • Career Exploration and Progression: Applicants should demonstrate commitment to their personal and professional path through participation in organizations, internships, and other activities.

The selection committee will review applications and may also follow up with a telephone interview to determine which students best meet the admission criteria. Admissions decisions will be released in spring 2015.

For additional admission and selection questions, please visit Frequently Asked Questions