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Application Faqs

Can I participate even though I am not of African American, Hispanic or Native American descent?

Applicants must be African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American in order to be eligible for MLT Programs.

At what point in my career am I eligible for CAP?

The program is developed primarily for middle managers, either seasoned professionals who have been in the corporate environment for some time or newer entrants to middle management. Because the content and approach is personalized, CAP accommodates variances in tenure.

Do I have to be a "people manager" to participate in the program?

No. CAP is for individuals who have been recognized by their company’s management as having high potential for management and leadership. If you are currently in a role in which you do not manage people, you may still be eligible for CAP. The application requires three references, at least one of which should be a manager in your company who will attest to your exceptional management and leadership potential.

Must I work in a corporate environment to become a CAP Participant?

No. Although CAP Participants work primarily in corporate and not-for-profit environments, MLT works with individuals from not-for-profit and for profit organizations, NGOs, small/mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurships, and corporations.

Program Faqs

Who are the instructors?

The instructors are successful practitioners who are also successful and experienced teachers and coaches. They come from top consulting firms, Ivy League institutions and Top Fortune listed businesses.

Who are the coaches?

CAP Coaches and instructors are among the very best; each coach has over ten years of business coaching success with mid-management and senior executives. Our staff members have served as business leaders, advisors, coaches and consultants at entities such as IBM, McKinsey, Harvard University, and GE Capital. Coaches are well vetted, and possess knowledge that spans across industry, function, psychology, behavior and situational coaching, business strategy, learning enablement etc.

What's the difference between a mentor and a coach?

A career mentor is typically a person selected by the person to be mentored (the “mentee”) based on a specific strength, whether it is industry, function, or company knowledge. Mentors are usually not trained and provide guidance based on their own experience. Mentoring relationships can be formal or informal and usually focus on what the mentee needs to do to advance his/her career.

A career coach, on the other hand, is typically an expert on personal development. Coaching is usually a formal, fixed-term arrangement tailored around a set of targeted career, behavioral, or personal goals. Specifically, CAP coaches focus on a fixed set of short-term goals, using specialized tools and frameworks to address behavioral skills, impediments to success, and personal challenges. CAP Coaches explore how behaviors impact career goals and progression and take into account each individual’s personality and modes of operation while under stress.

Many leadership development programs offer mentoring and peer coaching. CAP is differentiated in that it offers highly interactive, executive-level coaching.

What happens at the conclusion of the six-month program, during the practicum period?

At the end of the first six months each Fellow receives an Outcome Report, accompanied by an Outcome Report-based coaching call. The Outcome Report is based upon the initial goals established at the start of each Fellow's coaching engagement. Within the Report each Fellow's progress is clearly described, and recommendation for continued work are detailed. The Fellow is encouraged to use this document to guide further discussions with management during personal development planning meetings and to engage in self-coaching through reflective, focused, and regular journaling. After the one-year formal program ends, Fellows are given the opportunity to share personal insights during the reunion weekend at the next Leadership Horizon Seminar, when CAP participants become MLT Alumni.

What is the cost to participate in CAP?

The program fee for CAP is $15,000 per seat, and includes more than six months of coaching, all assessments and assessment debriefs, materials and training at the Leadership Horizon Seminar, most meals, and the Personal Outcome Report. The fee does not include hotel accommodations, transportation, or other incidental costs. The CAP program fee is due prior approximately one month before the program's kick-off, which varies slightly each year.