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Career Advancement: Overview

Interested In Taking Your Career To The Next Level?

The MLT Career Advancement Program is designed to keep high-potential mid-career professionals in the pipeline to senior level management primarily in the corporate and non-profit sectors. The program includes a hands-on leadership development seminar, frequent one-on-one coaching sessions, and personalized assessments tailored to provide participants with actionable steps to advance toward senior leadership. CAP is for applicants who are ready to transition to senior leadership from their company's fast track and who have at least two years of post graduate (MBA, MS, MPS, JD, PhD, etc.) work experience.


Why The Career Advancement Program?

CAP is a result of extensive industry research and is guided by real-world business insight. Midcareer professionals, regardless of ethnicity or gender, often encounter universal obstacles that could potentially affect career ascension. MLT specifically conducted an empirical study to identify critical performance and behavioral challenges for ascending professionals in the senior leadership pipeline. As a result of the study, some of the key areas we seek to enhance and advance, through the CAP curriculum, are: 

  • Achieving meaningful relationships
  • Increasing confidence
  • Enhancing technical skills
  • Developing high-level communication skills for senior-level assignments
  • Addressing the negative effects of similarity bias
  • Expanding professional networks

During their CAP journey, each participant obtains a customized experience relative to the discovery of, and reflection on, their individual strengths and areas for development.  This program presents the tools and resources necessary to foster personal and professional growth in the most productive, effective, and sustainable way.

Why Participate In CAP?

Continuous one-on-one coaching: CAP executive coaches can address minority and gender-specific fears, impediments and derailment factors in order to strengthen capabilities that matter most to employers.

Structured approach to problem solving: CAP applies techniques to support critical thinking skills. Case studies are examined from the view of senior leadership. Simulation role play, data interpretation, and real-time decision making provide hands-on leadership experiences throughout the program.

Maximized personal impact: CAP reinforces participants' ability to effectively read situations and understand that leadership style is a strategic choice, not a reflex or coincidence of temperament or personality.

Optimized communication: High-stakes communication is critical to ascending the leadership ranks. CAP addresses strengths and weaknesses that are vital for leadership consideration.

Polished leadership presence: How people perceive you can affect whatever you are trying to communicate. In fact, as much as eighty percent of your audience’s attention is drawn to how you present yourself and only twenty percent towards your message. It is for this reason that CAP includes a focus on image, presence and personal presentation.

The CAP Difference

CAP is a personalized approach to professional growth through a series of introspective experiences, executive coaching, workshops and assignments. The program provides a secure, risk-free environment to facilitate a behavioral transformation,  rather than a series of lectures or panels . It addresses topics such as:

  • C-level communication
  • Navigating interpersonal challenges
  • Lack of confidence
  • Leveraging support systems
  • Turning daily results into C-level value
  • Inexperience with complex problem solving
  • Maximizing collaboration and influence
  • Fear of risk taking

By addressing these topics, Participants will benefit from:

  • Improved skill level and associated level of confidence
  • A concrete plan of action to improve networks and relationships
  • Sustained improvement along targeted areas
  • Continued network support from their CAP peers

Companies who sponsor Participants benefit from:

  • Enhanced career performance of Participants
  • Middle manager development and retention
  • Increased retention rate of high-potential minority employees
  • Elevated empowerment and productivity among workforce
  • Enhanced culture of openness and inclusion
  • Positive public relations and diversity branding benefit