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Career Advancement: The CAP Experience

CAP is a personalized development experience offered to African American, Hispanic and Native American business professionals with high potential for senior leadership. All ascending professionals must address similar areas of development to advance in their careers. CAP is a result of extensive industry research and is guided by real-world business insight. This program provides an experiential approach to drive and sustain both analytical and behavioral skill development.

MLT has gathered top professional coaches with corporate business success as well as graduate school faculty members to lead CAP Fellows through the six-month personalized and high-touch program.
Rather than skimming the surface of multiple leadership topics, CAP is a focused curriculum that addresses critical performance and behavioral gaps and delivers sustainable benefits through intensive learning courses that employ active learning, rigorous practice and real-world business simulation in a supportive yet challenging environment. CAP applies a highly specialized approach that incorporates one-on-one coaching and behavioral exercises designed to push participants beyond their comfort zones.

Phase 1 of the CAP experience consists of assessments, pre-work, and individual coaching to develop a Personal Scorecard, a customized performance baseline to target and track outcomes. Participants complete approximately 6-10 hours of work over this eight week period.

Phase 2 consists of the Leadership Horizon Seminar (LHS), a concentrated in-residence component that provides a rigorous active learning environment and high performing peer networking. Through a series of specific, intensive development tracks, Fellows are challenged in a supportive environment to stretch their thinking and examine personal impediments to success.

During Phase 3, Fellows receive ongoing one-on-one executive coaching as well as a series of opportunities to engage with senior executives from an array of industries, functions, and C-level roles. MLT incorporates the results gathered from the Leadership Horizon Seminar and uses them as the basis for assignments and coaching to improve each Fellow’s personal impact and daily performance effectiveness. Fellows receive a Personal Outcome Report that chronicles and summarizes progress toward goals set in the Personal Scorecard. Fellows complete approximately four hours of work per month over this six month period (1st half of the program).

During the 2nd half of the program, Fellows participate in the six-month Practicum Period, during which the Fellows practice self-coaching through regular journaling and less frequent coaching calls. The program culminates when the Fellow returns to the following year’s Leadership Horizon Seminar to “graduate” from the program, where they present their journey narrative and next steps, and engage in Alumni programming and cross-cohort networking opportunities.

Upon completion of the program, CAP Participants are granted a lifetime of inclusion in MLT's national leadership network.