Our Partners

Partner Overview

MLT has a committed partnership base that includes leading corporations, non-profits, foundations, and top business schools.


MLT partners with over 40 leading corporations. These corporations directly inform how MLT develops talent for their sectors, and in many cases, help to deliver MLT's curriculum. MLT in turn is supplying a robust pipeline of diverse undergraduate, MBA and experienced hire talent for partner corporations.


MLT works with several non-profits to develop the next generation of committed social change agents. Partners help prepare MLT Fellows pursue their social entrepreneurship goals and to pursue careers in the social sector. MLT is a key source of top diverse talent for its non-profit partners, providing the business talent that partners critically need to scale their organizations and broaden their impact.


MLT has a variety of foundation supporters that have committed their resources to helping MLT achieve its mission. MLT's foundation partners include:

  • Venture philanthropy organizations that want to help scale social organizations with innovative solutions;
  • Education-focused foundations that realize that college matriculation is the first-step toward realizing one's full career potential, but that more is needed to ensure that individuals make the most of their academic opportunities and stay on the fast-track; and
  • Foundations that are committed to developing a new generation of diverse community leaders who will create and lead sustainable solutions for our struggling communities; and
  • Corporate foundations that have an interest in building diverse leadership for their sector and in many cases, connecting their organizations' philanthropic priorities around education and workforce development and diversity with their talent pipeline.

Business Schools

MLT partners with over 30 top graduate business schools committed to improving the quality and diversity of their respective student bodies. MLT's business school partners support MLT in several ways, including financially, hosting MLT events, sending admissions staff to interact directly with fellows, and shaping MLT's curriculum. MLT has driven breakthrough results in the quality and diversity of many partners' applicant pools.