MLT equips high potential minorities with the winning playbook and personalized coaching that allows them to reach their full leadership potential and maximize their community impact. MLT works with over 500 new individuals per year through its core programs and provides career-long support for its community of over 4,000 Rising Leaders.

The Problem

Minorities are systematically falling out of the leadership pipeline at a far greater rate than their non-minority peers. This problem is particularly acute at every career stage of the post-college leadership pipeline. Despite representing 30% of the US population, Black, Hispanic, and Native Americans hold just 6% of the top entry level business jobs, represent 8% of students enrolled at top 50 MBA programs, and hold just 3% of all senior executive positions at corporations, non-profits and entrepreneurial ventures.


Percent of the US Population that is Black, Hispanic, or Native American. This will grow to 45% within 35 years.

Percent of senior executive positions within corporations, non-profits, and entrepreneurial ventures held by under-represented minorities.

There are broad implications for society if we fail to harness the leadership potential of a growing portion of our population.

Too many individuals who overcome great odds to make it to college fail to achieve their potential post-college and attain the American dream.


Corporations, non-profits, and entrepreneurial ventures will struggle to attract, retain, and develop the diverse talent they need to achieve their goals and remain globally competitive.


The individuals who are most connected to our struggling communities, and therefore most motivated to improve them, are not in a position to make those solutions possible.   

MLT's Solution

It takes more than hard work and a classroom education to become a senior leader. What it takes to achieve success and navigate the path to leadership in the professional world is fundamentally different from what it takes to achieve success and establish yourself as a high performer in the academic world. In order to distinguish yourself as a high performer in the professional world - someone who organizations identify as having potential to make it to the senior levels - it takes an understanding of "the bar" for high performance that you're being measured against; it takes an understanding of what you need to do to hit that bar; and it takes coaches and mentors who have been down the same path you're pursuing to show you the way, open up doors, and decode the unwritten "rules of the game."

Too many minorities are taught from childhood that educational achievement is the key to success and lack access to executives who can pass down the playbook for professional success specific to their chosen career path. This results in too many minorities not understanding "the bar" for how high performance is measured and therefore under-performing relative to their talent level. 

MLT has cracked the code on helping individuals perform to their professional potential by equipping individuals with the winning playbook and personalized coaching throughout their careers.


MLT's Programs

MLT has four primary programs, built to accelerate Rising Leaders through critical career inflection points. Each of MLT's programs leverages our unique model of equipping high potential minorities with the winning playbook and personalized coaching needed for long-term career success.  MLT's programs span the career continuum from college to MBA and the executive level. MLT continues to support its thousands of Rising Leaders with ongoing access to coaching, a personalized playbook, and the MLT network when not in one of its primary programs.

Read more about our programs and how to apply to become an MLT Rising Leader.

Our Results

MLT's Vision

We believe that we can reshape the minority leadership pipeline and create a cohort of dynamic leaders. We believe that by 2025, we can:

  • Create 1,000 senior leaders with 10,000 more in the pipeline
  • Build a network of leaders whose multiplier effect is driving critical change across society
  • Transform the talent pipeline at corporations, non-profits, and entrepreneurial ventures
  • Revolutionize how individuals manage their careers to reach their potential