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Press Release: Social Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Launch

Non-Profits Experiencing Major Shortage of Diverse, Talented Leadership Turn to Innovative Methods for Attracting and Developing Top Talent

New York, NY (June 2, 2009) - MLT (Management Leadership for Tomorrow), the leading source of minority talent for top corporations and MBA programs, and New Profit Inc., a national non-profit venture philanthropy fund, have partnered to launch the first-ever social entrepreneurship boot camp for diverse pre-MBA talent on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 from 9:00 AM-5:30 PM at Citigroup's headquarters at 153 East 53 St, New York, NY.

The 50 boot camp attendees (MLT Fellows) are African American, Hispanic and Native American professionals who will matriculate to the nation's top MBA programs this Fall. The boot camps will provide participants with many of the skills, experience and relationships necessary to become high-impact social entrepreneurs. In addition, they will come out with a deeper understanding of the preparatory roadmap that is critical for understanding how to make a successful entry into foundations, non-profits, consulting firms and government agencies that serve the social entrepreneurship sector.

This workshop will be launched at a critical time during which the Obama Administration has expressed a strong commitment to growing social entrepreneurship.

"Now more than ever, non-profits are looking for innovative and effective ways to secure diverse leadership, especially with the Obama Administration's recent call for the sector to play an increased role here." said John Rice, Founder of MLT. "That's why we're bringing together top organizations like Citi, PepsiCo, Deloitte and New Profit Inc. to lead the way to a solution."

MLT fellows will have the chance to engage with leaders in social entrepreneurship who represent different perspectives and experiences, including Barry Newstead, Partner, Bridgespan Group; Matt Klein, Executive Director, Blue Ridge Foundation New York; Jonah Edelman, CEO and Founder, Stand for Children; and Rod McCowan, Partner, New Profit Inc; among others. Under the leadership of successful sector leaders, Fellows will spend the day working on a case study designed to help them understand the different entry points and the requisite experience, relationships and roadmap to enter the sector at the right level, position and stage of their careers.

"We're at an incredible moment to scale social entrepreneurial organizations in America," said Vanessa Kirsch, President and Founder of New Profit Inc. "Leadership talent is the key constraint in achieving scale. By attracting diverse MBA talent we can drive widespread impact in our communities nationwide."

In addition to learning the ins and outs of the social entrepreneurship sector, the four-day seminar of boot camps will offer MLT Fellows the chance to meet with employees from Citi, Google, PepsiCo, Deloitte, McKinsey & Co., MTV Networks and Booz & Co., participate in industry-driven case studies and explore MBA-level employment opportunities at these organizations.

"Over 75% of MLT's nearly 2000 fellows and alumni want to play a leadership role in the social sector during their careers. If we provide them with the same best-in-class preparation here that we do for the corporate world, we will have major impact on our nation's success rate of driving sustainable social change," said Ian Hardman, MLT President. "This boot camp is the start of our broader talent strategy for the sector and we expect to collaborate with more and more leading institutions as we build it out."

ABOUT MLT: Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) is a national nonprofit that develops African American, Hispanic and Native American young people for leadership positions in corporations, non-profits and entrepreneurial ventures where these minority groups are dramatically under-represented. In partnership with the top MBA programs and several blue-chip corporations (including Goldman Sachs, Kraft, Hewlett Packard, Target and General Mills), MLT delivers programming at the critical career transition points: high school to college, college to early career, early career to MBA, and MBA to executive leadership.

MLT equips high-potential minority talent with the hard and soft skills they need to succeed in corporations, nonprofits, and entrepreneurial ventures. With over 500 Career Prep alumni and 800 MBA Prep alumni to date, MLT is creating a generation of high-impact business and community leaders that will have the skills, relationships, capital, and commitment needed to make a difference in their communities. Learn more at www.ml4t.org.

ABOUT NEW PROFIT INC.: New Profit is a non-profit venture philanthropy fund that helps visionary social entrepreneurs and their organizations bring about widespread and transformative impact on critical social problems in education, workforce development, public health and other areas. New Profit also drives other initiatives to help scale social innovation, including the annual Gathering of Leaders and the America Forward coalition. New Profit believes that just as entrepreneurship and invention have driven our nation's progress, so too can we harness America's spirit of innovation, vision and optimism to help solve our most pressing social problems. Learn more by visiting www.newprofit.com.