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Getting in to business school is only the first step toward leveraging an MBA to accelerate your career. The MBA recruiting process is just as competitive as the admissions process and being identified as a “high performer” quickly, in your post-MBA position, once starting a new role can have significant long-term career implications. MLT’s MBA Professional Development program provides you with the winning playbook and critical relationships you  need to get on, and stay on the career fast track after graduation. 

Why Participate in MBA Professional Development?

MLT Rising Leaders are succeeding at the world's best companies, the most innovative start-ups, and the most impactful non-profits. MLT Professional Development is six months of intense career reflection, coaching, and exposure to corporate partners, prior to your MBA program, increasing your success as a Rising Leader. 

The MBA Professional Development program puts Rising Leaders on a path to maximizing their long-term career success via:

  • Personal Clarity: MLT helps Rising Leaders connect their passions, strengths, constraints, and prior experience to long-term career goals that will maximize each individual's happiness and impact.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Rising Leaders are paired with MLT Professional Development Coaches who have worked in the Rising Leader’s industry of choice, and excelled. Coaches provide individualized interview preparation, career guidance, and feedback to Rising Leaders prior to business school, with continued support after matriculation.
  • Professional Development Curriculum with Career Roadmap and In-Person Workshops: A Rising Leader’s personalized roadmap connects their long-term career goals to their near-term action plan. The career roadmap defines clearly defines "the bar" for achieving those goals. Rising Leaders participate in two in-person workshops hosted by MLT partner companies at their headquarters and offices around the country. Rising Leaders work directly with partners on in-depth case studies, business simulations, analytical problem solving exercises, and other skill-building workshops.
  • Exposure and Access to Top Employers: MLT Rising Leaders get unique and early access to the best hiring organizations in sports and entertainment, non-profit, financial services, consulting, technology, healthcare, energy, consumer goods, retail, and more—all seeking to recruit MLT Rising Leaders for internships and full-time jobs.
  • High Leverage Network: Rising Leaders build a powerful network of peers, colleagues, mentors, and supporters including  other MBA Prep Rising Leaders among MLT’s, 5000+ Rising Leaders,  corporate partners, and other executives that they form relationships with throughout the program. MBA Professional Development includes opportunities to find and build mentors, jobs, start-up funding, business partners, and customers. Access to the MLT network continues well beyond the MBA Professional Development program and extends throughout Rising Leaders' careers.


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