MBA Prep Program Experience

The MBA Prep program begins each year in February. The MBA Prep experience culminates with Rising Leaders applying to graduate business school in Fall / Winter, followed by Rising Leaders transition to MLT's MBA Professional Development Program to  jump-start their post-MBA careers. The key components of the MBA Prep Program experience include: 

  • One-on-one coaching from an MLT Coach, many of whom are former MBA Admissions Officers;
  • comprehensive curriculum, largely focused on the business school admissions process, with exercises and assignments designed to improve Rising Leaders' business school applications; and
  • In-person workshops hosted by MLT's graduate business school and corporate partners focused on key elements of the application process, business school experience, and preparation for post-MBA careers and the MBA recruiting process.

Key MBA Prep curriculum elements include:

  • Personal clarity around strengths, passions, and development areas and how these tie to long-term career goals;
  • Graduate business school research and selection;
  • GMAT support and guidance;
  • Admissions essay writing;
  • Interview skills focused on business school admission and MBA recruiting;
  • Short- and long-term career planning; and
  • A personalized roadmap focused on building individual-specific skills that each Rising Leader will need to gain admission to graduation business school and achieve their post-MBA career goals.

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