Career Prep Applicant FAQs

Application FAQsEligibility FAQs, and Program FAQs

My second recommendation is complete, but my first is still pending. Can I still submit my application?Yes. If your other tasks are complete, you can email and let us know to submit your application.

I see two options to place my video. Do I need to create two videos? No, you only need to create one video. You may either upload it to Fluidreview or to your Youtube/Vimeo account (and submit the link to us). When you complete one of these two tasks, the other will disappear. Remember, videos must be between 1 and 2 minutes, and should be less than 50 MB.

How do I submit my transcript?
These documents must be uploaded to your application in a PDF or MS Word format. Please name the documents using the convention: Last Name_First Name_Transcript.pdf, or Last Name_First Name_Transcript.doc.
Only those accepted into the program need to mail in an official transcript. 

I clicked "Submit" and all that's left is my recommendation. Am I done?
Applications are not considered complete until the recommender submits his or her form.

I am having difficulties with my application. What do I do?
For technical questions regarding the application, please contact technical support via the links found on the Fluid Review website. For content questions, such as those about your transcript or essays, please contact MLT at

Is there an interview?
It depends. Some admitted candidates may not have an interview. Otherwise, interviews are by invitation only and are required of those invited. Candidates are interviewed by MLT staff and alumni. Interviews are conducted via phone or Skype.

When will I be notified if I am admitted into the program?
Decisions are communicated approximately two and a half months after the application submission deadline.

Can I participate in Career Prep if I'm not in NYC?
Yes, we have participants from over 80 colleges across the country. The majority of the program is conducted remotely, including monthly e-assignments and follow-up coach calls. Attendance at four weekend seminars, however, is required.

Can I participate in Career Prep if I am studying abroad during a portion of the program?
Candidates applying to Career Prep are encouraged to avoid studying abroad during their junior year of college.  All Career Prep in-person seminars are mandatory and the first September seminar is critical to the program experience. Applicants missing the September and November seminars may be considered ineligible to participate in the program.

What makes a strong application for Career Prep?
In addition to fulfilling the eligibility requirements and application checklist, strong applications demonstrate that a candidate has leadership experience and potential, career goals that fit well with the program, goal orientation, "scrappiness" and potential for active participation in Career Prep.

Will a below average undergraduate record affect my application to Career Prep?
To be considered, students must be in good academic standing. The average GPA of Career Prep Fellows is 3.5/4.0. Candidates with a GPA significantly below the program average are encouraged to address their academic history in the optional essay.

Can I participate although I am not a US Citizen?
All participants must be US citizens or permanent legal residents (DACA participants are eligible).

Can I participate even though I am not of African American, Hispanic or Native American descent?
Applicants must be African American, Hispanic/Latino, or Native American in order to be eligible for MLT Programs.

Do I need to be a business major in order to apply to Career Prep?
No.  The program is open to all majors.  An applicant’s major does not determine eligibility rather; MLT looks at how well an applicant’s career goals align with Career Prep’s programming.  Students from all disciplines and interests may apply.   

Can I apply to Career Prep if I am in a 5-year program of study?
Yes.  Students in a 5-year program should apply to the Career Prep program during their junior year of school.

What are the reasons an eligible candidate may not be accepted to the Career Prep program?
A candidate may not be accepted to the program for a variety of reasons.  See the following link for a list of the common criteria affecting admittance to the program.  Non-Admitted Career Prep Applicants

What are the costs associated with Career Prep?
There is a $150 program fee upon acceptance. You will be responsible for the initial transportation costs associated with attending the required four seminars held throughout the year at our corporate partners. However, your travel expenses are eligible for reimbursement. Travel, accommodations, and meals for all Career Prep Rising Leaders are covered by MLT thanks to sponsorship by our partner organizations. Finally, if you secure a paid summer internship, you will be responsible for making a $250 contribution to MLT at the conclusion of your internship in August 2015.

Are in-person seminars mandatory?
Yes, all seminars are mandatory. Applicants who will have to miss multiple seminars may be considered ineligible to participate in the program.

Where and when are the seminars held?
Seminar locations vary from year to year; but are typically held Friday evenings through Sunday afternoons at our partner organizations.
Seminar dates are typically:

  • Kick Off Seminar: Mid-September
  • Interview and Analytical Skills Seminar: Late-November 
  • Pre-Internship Seminar: Mid-April
  • Closing Seminar: Mid-August

Rising Leaders are notified of the final dates and locations of seminars once they are admitted to the program and within a few months of the event.