Career Prep Program Experience

The Career Prep experience runs from the summer before junior year of college through the beginning of the senior year of college. Rising Leaders will engage in professional training through one-on-one virtual coaching, in-person seminars, web-based curriculum, and an internship. Rising Leaders complete at least one coach and one assignment per month and generally commit one hour per week to Career Prep. The key components of the Career Prep Program experience include: 

  • One-on-one coaching from an MLT Coach who guides each Rising Leader through their experience and provides personalized advice and guidance;
  • comprehensive curriculum, largely focused on the skills, relationships, and experiences Rising Leaders will need to obtain and succeed in fast-track entry-level roles at top organizations;
  • In-person workshops hosted by MLT's corporate partners in various cities around the country where Rising Leaders interact with MLT's partners and participate in skill development sessions, simulations, and case studies led by representatives from MLT's partners;
  • Engagement with MLT's network of Rising Leaders, partners, and supporters, who have successfully navigated the interview process and first few years of employment at the same organizations Rising Leaders are pursuing and who help to prepare Rising Leaders for success; and
  • A Summer internship the summer before junior and senior year, that each Rising Leader will pursue at the organization(s) of their choice with support from MLT.

Key Career Prep curriculum elements include:

  • Personal clarity around strengths, passions, and development areas and how these tie to long-term career goals;
  • Functional-area and company career research and selection;
  • Key job search / recruiting skills including resume and cover letter writing, networking, interviewing, and relationship management;
  • Foundational professional skills including analytics, problem solving, relationship management, communication, leadership, and technical skills based on each Rising Leader's chosen career path;
  • Short- and long-term career planning; and
  • A personalized roadmap that ties long-term career aspirations to near-term goals and development objectives.