Career Advancement Program

Navigating the last several stages and transitions to the senior executive level can often be the most challenging and least straight-forward of one's career. Each rising executive's path tends to be unique based on their prior experience, company culture and values, and personal strengths and development areas. There are often very few people who have navigated a similar path to senior leadership who can be relied upon for guidance and it can be challenging to understand what it takes to stay on track to reaching the executive levels.

MLT's Career Advancement Program (CAP) is designed to help high-potential mid-career professionals continue to advance in the pipeline to senior leadership. CAP provides Rising Leaders with a personal roadmap for continuing to advance toward the executive level, a high-performing network of peers from other organizations, frequent one-on-one coaching from an executive coach, and practical leadership development content based on the competencies needed to be a successful senior executive. The typical CAP Rising Leader has at least two years of post-graduate (MBA, MS, MPS, JD, PhD, etc) work experience and has been identified by their organization as having high potential to become a senior executive.

CAP Experience

CAP is primarily delivered via one-on-one executive coaching, and also employs assessments, active learning assignments, network building, and one in-residence learning experience. The CAP experience is divided into a formal six-month program, followed by a period of on-the-job application and engagement with a CAP coach. 

CAP Curriculum

The CAP curriculum was born of MLT's proprietary industry research conducted in conjunction with many of our corporate partners and is guided by real-world business insight. MLT identified the primary obstacles that cause mid-career professionals to drop out of the leadership pipeline. Each CAP Rising Leader has a personalized experience based on their career path, strengths, and development areas, but the CAP curriculum is structured around helping Rising Leaders strengthen their capabilities in several key areas:

  • Effective relationship management and expanding professional networks
  • Enhancing technical skills
  • High-stakes executive communication (verbal, non-verbal, and written)
  • Moving from reactive to reflective leadership
  • Leadership in action: business decision making
  • The leader's image: projecting an image of leadership
  • Fit to lead: prioritizing health as a component of leadership

The CAP Advantage

CAP is a personalized approach to professional growth through a series of introspective experiences, executive coaching, workshops, and assignments. CAP leverages active learning experiences, rather than lectures or panels, and provides the continuous on-going engagement required to learn and demonstrate new behaviors, rather than a one or two day seminar. The program provides a risk-free environment to experiment with, practice, and receive feedback on new behaviors before employing them on the job. CAP provides benefits for both individual participants and their companies and organizations:

Benefits for CAP Partners

  • Succession Management
    • Enhanced career outcomes for participants
    • Maintain leadership bench numbers for high potential diverse talent segment
  • Attraction / Retention
    • Positive signal to diverse / MLT community that company invests in talent
    • Decrease in termination, re-hiring, and new employee development costs
  • Performance
    • Metrics on participants’ progress reported in order to facilitate ROI calculation
    • More empowered and productive workforce
    • Improvement in performance and confidence for highly valued employees  
  • Brand
    • Positive public relations and diversity branding benefit partially spurred by the network effect 
    • Offers host of impassioned corporate ambassadors
    • Improved / polished image of participants

Benefits for CAP Participants

  • Personal Brand and Performance
    • Development through experience and sustained application  
    • Focus on alignment of skill and behaviors with changing business needs  
    • Executive problem solving (including prioritizing which problems to solve)
    • Improve ability to handle ill defined and complex situations
    • Deeper understanding and activation of personal levers for peak performance
  • Pipeline Consideration
    • Inclusion in high performing peer network and alternate support system
    • Senior-level visibility
    • Improved level of impact
    • Career mapping insight 
    • Low risk development – little to no internal exposure during workshops

Learn More And Get Involved

Most CAP Rising Leaders are nominated for participation by an MLT partner. Please contact us to find out more about the Career Advancement Program and becoming a partner.