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Jorrell Best Jorrell Best

MBA Prep Class: 2008
Graduate School: Columbia University, Graduate School of Business (c/o 2010)
Undergraduate School: Columbia College (c/o 2005)
Employer(s): UBS

"MLT was an integral part of my successful path to business school. The MBAP Prep program provided a platform that not only challenged me to derive answers to my difficult business school application essay questions, but also prepared me for other equally important facets of the application process.

The support I received from my coach, peers, and the MLT staff facilitated my growth throughout the program, and has prepared me for my first few weeks as a business school student. Arriving on campus with other MBAP fellows has given me a built in network that will complement the bonds I will forge with other classmates here at school.

Through MLT's professional partnerships, I secured significant Wall Street experience via a Pre MBA internship. The business knowledge I gained during my Pre MBA internship will be an asset during the competitive recruiting schedule."

Alyssa Niles Alyssa Niles

MBA Prep Class: 2014

Graduate School: Duke University - Fuqua School of Business (c/o 2016)

Undergraduate School: State University of New York at Binghamton (c/o 2009)

Employer(s): Moody's Investors Service

"MBA Prep was amazing. I uncovered so much about myself and have definitely built my confidence level. The Fellows pushed me to be better and my coach served as a mentor throughout the entire process. The access to admissions officers and insight gained from them throughout the business school process was also an incredible experience."

Hassan Wilson Hassan Wilson

MBA Prep Class: 2014

Graduate School: The Wharton School (c/o 2016)

Undergraduate School: Rutgers University (c/o 2009)

Employer(s): Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

"MBA Prep was tremendously helpful in providing structure to the largely unstructured process of applying to business school. Often other priorities force us to not focus as deeply or implore the same thoughtfulness require by MLT in our business school applications. In my case, I am certain that MLT made the difference not only in my acceptance into business school but also the caliber of school in which I was accepted."

LaShawn Mays LaShawn Mays

MBA Prep Class: 2012

Graduate School: University of Michigan Ann Arbor -  Ross School of Business (c/o 2014)

Undergraduate School: Williams College (c/o 2003)

Employer(s): Whirlpool Corporation

"MLT MBA Prep consistently exceeded my expectations. My MBA Prep Coach pushed me to discover and pursue my passion. She also supported me through GMAT struggles and she even provided advice on how to handle challenging situations at work. I also formed lifelong friendships with other Fellows, and I know that I can call on almost anyone in the MLT network for advice."

Isaac Kinsey Isaac Kinsey

MBA Prep Class: 2012

Graduate School: University of Chicago - Booth Graduate School of Business (c/o 2014)

Undergraduate School: Florida State University (c/o 2008)

Employer(s): SoFi Inc, AT&T

"I loved the opportunities to network with Fellows, Corporate Sponsors, school representatives, and coaches. The experience allowed me to do a lot of introspection that caused me to change my career focus from finance to entrepreneurship; a decision I might not have made so soon without MLT. I have made a potential life-long friend who is one of my best friends ever. I felt the experience was a microcosm of business school, and therefore an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and strengths before I enter business school. For me, one of the biggest concerns has been focused on my personal brand and wanting to have a professional brand. Now, because of MLT, I have developed a strategy to achieve a professional personal brand before business school."

Monet Dumas Monet Dumas

MBA Prep Class: 2012

Graduate School: Cornell University - The Johnson School of Management (c/o 2014)

Undergraduate School: Eastern Michigan University (c/o 2006)

Employer(s): Yum! Brands

"Through this program, I gained the skills necessary to frame and communicate my passion.  I am so thankful to be a member of the MLT family and continually recommend the program to other high potential candidates because of its efficacy in preparing the next generation of business leaders."

LeKeshia Richardson LeKeshia Richardson

MBA Prep Class: 2012

Graduate School: Duke University - The Fuqua School of Business (c/o 2014)

Undergraduate School: Brown University (c/o 2007)

Employer(s): Frito-Lay, The Broad Residency

"My MBA Prep experience was life changing.  I received top notch coaching, guidance on how to get into school, a framework for the school research process, access to admissions officers, and a network of people facing the same challenges as me.  Overall I really enjoyed the experience and found it extremely valuable!"

James Souffrant James Souffrant

MBA Prep Class: 2012

Graduate School: Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management (c/o 2014)

Undergraduate School: Northeastern University (c/o 2007)

Employer(s): Target, General Mills

"MLT was a CRITICAL component for my ability to successfully gain access to school recruiters, crafting my essays and my pitch.  The relationships I formed through MLT were just as critical as the coaching I received.  The program is beyond excellent and I applaud everyone who is and was affiliated with its development"

Jeremiah David Jeremiah David

MBA Prep Class: 2013

Graduate School: University of California, Los Angeles - The Anderson School of Business (c/o 2015)

Undergraduate School: California State University - Fullerton (c/o 2007)

Employer(s): Kaiser Permanante

"I had an excellent overall experience in the MBA Prep program. I was not ready at the beginning to even apply to an MBA program, and at the end of the MBA Prep program, I was admitted into the school of my choosing and I figured out a lot on what interest areas to pursue during business school and beyond. Overall, I feel the mission of the MBA Prep program was fulfilled in particular with me, but also with most of my peers in my MLT class."

Milo Rodriguez Milo Rodriguez

MBA Prep Class: 2014

Graduate School: The Wharton School (c/o 2016)

Undergraduate School: Dartmouth College (c/o 2009)

Employer(s): Lubin Lawrence

"The exposure and learning I received was invaluable to my ability to get into school and decide which school was the best fit for me. Shannon's coaching transformed me by giving me the encouragement and support I needed to gain confidence in myself and my potential. I met a group of peers I am proud to call colleagues and friends for the rest of my life. Specifically, I made friends I know I'll share a lot of my life with. I would love to continue helping MLT reach more minorities. I think minorities NEED program like MLT to gain awareness of the opportunities available to them. Most minority communities don't know enough about the business school options and the opportunities available outside of more traditional careers (medicine, law). We need to expand their understanding so we can succeed as a community."