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Noelia Taveras Noelia Taveras

Career Prep Class: 2008
Undergraduate School: University of Massachusetts (c/o 2009)
Current Employer: PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

"MLT has helped me tremendously. MLT helped connect me with companies that were of interest and gave me the resources and network to gain an internship and full-time offer. MLT open a lot of doors for me that wouldn't have been open otherwise. MLT helped me develop a huge network of professionals. It taught me the importance of networking, how to write a resume, cover letter, the do's and don'ts of interviewing and financial planning."

Victor Davis Victor Davis

Career Prep Class: 2004
Undergraduate School: Princeton (c/o 2005)
Employer(s): US Department of Energy and Accenture

"Without MLT, I would have never thought of consulting or business school. I would have been off to med school. When I started the Career Prep program, I was participating simply because an MLT rep came to school, and its program seemed interesting. At that point, I knew I was going to medical school so I wasn't very interested in business.

"After the first session about i-banking, consulting and media, I was intrigued by consulting. While I knew of consultants, I never really understood what their jobs entailed. The CP program gave me the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and thus, gave me the exposure to a field that would really challenge me, while allowing me to be creative and implement novel ideas and thinking.

"I am truly indebted to MLT for the many hours I spent with my career counselor discussing the strengths and weaknesses of my resume. If I hadn't had that experience, I'm sure it would have been hard to get my foot in the door at most firms."

Jorrell Best Jorrell Best

MBA Prep Class: 2008
Graduate School: Columbia University, Graduate School of Business (c/o 2010)
Undergraduate School: Columbia College (c/o 2005)
Employer(s): UBS

"MLT was an integral part of my successful path to business school. The MBAP Prep program provided a platform that not only challenged me to derive answers to my difficult business school application essay questions, but also prepared me for other equally important facets of the application process.

The support I received from my coach, peers, and the MLT staff facilitated my growth throughout the program, and has prepared me for my first few weeks as a business school student. Arriving on campus with other MBAP fellows has given me a built in network that will complement the bonds I will forge with other classmates here at school.

Through MLT's professional partnerships, I secured significant Wall Street experience via a Pre MBA internship. The business knowledge I gained during my Pre MBA internship will be an asset during the competitive recruiting schedule."

Matthew Autrey Matthew Autrey

Career Prep Class: 2004
Undergraduate School: Ohio State (c/o 2005)
Employer(s): Citi, GE and Bank of America

"MLT's mentorship was invaluable. Through my interaction with Laurence Latimer, I was able to gain a strong understanding of the recruiting, interviewing and networking process. Without his individualized commitment to my development, I would not be where I am today. As a student from The Ohio State University, the opportunities provided by MLT to interact with prominent leaders from leading investment banks, consulting firms as well as the media and entertainment industry were life changing. I can say candidly that the idea of attending business school would not have crossed my mind before joining the MLT family. While I loved finance, economics and computer science, I had no true direction. Through the many networking events I attended, I developed lasting relationships with recruiters at Citigroup, leading to an internship in their investment management division. This opportunity exposed me to the city of New York, a competitive and fast-paced environment, and sharpened my communication and interpersonal skills. One of the mentors I met over that summer, Elizabeth Baldwin, exposed me to GE's financial management program. I knew, after many interviews, that corporate finance was what I wanted to pursue and I accepted an offer from GE before the end of the summer. I also look forward to pursuing my MBA in a few years."

Jonathan McKenzie Jonathan McKenzie

Career Prep Class: 2005
Undergraduate School: Georgetown University (c/o 2006)
Employer(s): Goldman Sachs and Columbia Asset Management

"MLT exposes Fellows to a wide-range of industries including finance, consulting, and sports management, so that when interview time comes, program participants are able to make an informed career decision."

Janine Williams Janine Williams

Career Prep Class: 2004
Undergraduate School: University of Pennsylvania (c/o 2005)
Employer(s): PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

"My mind was closed when it came to my career; I had my heart set on accounting and nothing else. Working for PriceWaterhouseCoopers was my dream. MLT opened my eyes to other areas of accounting and finance. For example, I received a job offer from GE/NBC. MLT also introduced me to the world of consulting via a trip to McKinsey."

Taiwo Ajayi Taiwo Ajayi

Career Prep Class: 2004
Undergraduate School: Stanford (c/o 2005)
Graduate School: Harvard Business School
Employer(s): Monitor and McKinsey & Co.

"Thanks to MLT, my long-term career potential has been improved because I am motivated and committed to succeeding in whatever fields I choose to pursue. MLT encouraged me to explore my options and preferences and to avoid choosing a career without fully understanding the implications of my decision.

The skills I learned through Career Prep have become deeply ingrained, and it is difficult to determine if I could have acquired them without the program. The most useful skill was understanding my goals, current strengths and past experiences. This understanding informed my decisions about which careers to pursue and made me confident in communicating my worth as a candidate. All of this was reinforced by the general attitude of support, feedback and encouragement that I felt at all the workshops."

Tomas Garcia Tomas Garcia

Career Prep Class: 2004
Undergraduate School: Yale (c/o 2005)
Graduate Schools: Harvard MPP (c/o 2008) and Georgetown Law (c/o 2011)
Employer(s): Texas Research Real Estate

"Career Prep helped me realize that banking and consulting were fields that I might be cut out for. I did the program because I had no idea what the industry was all about. I always thought those jobs were only for the people at schools who were 'connected' to such industries through family or others. Doing the program, I felt connected.

"However, after completing the program, I determined I wanted to focus more on public sector work than private. I applied to, and was accepted to a Master's of Government Administration (MGA) program at UPenn. It's much like an MBA, but with an emphasis on managing public funds. What I learned through CP spurred my interest in that program in the first place."

Alyssa Niles Alyssa Niles

MBA Prep Class: 2014

Graduate School: Duke University - Fuqua School of Business (c/o 2016)

Undergraduate School: State University of New York at Binghamton (c/o 2009)

Employer(s): Moody's Investors Service

"MBA Prep was amazing. I uncovered so much about myself and have definitely built my confidence level. The Fellows pushed me to be better and my coach served as a mentor throughout the entire process. The access to admissions officers and insight gained from them throughout the business school process was also an incredible experience."

Hassan Wilson Hassan Wilson

MBA Prep Class: 2014

Graduate School: The Wharton School (c/o 2016)

Undergraduate School: Rutgers University (c/o 2009)

Employer(s): Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

"MBA Prep was tremendously helpful in providing structure to the largely unstructured process of applying to business school. Often other priorities force us to not focus as deeply or implore the same thoughtfulness require by MLT in our business school applications. In my case, I am certain that MLT made the difference not only in my acceptance into business school but also the caliber of school in which I was accepted."